Acupuncture is the most well known branch of the ancient practice of Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM), though there are many other healing components included in this practice such as massage, diet and herbs.  It is extremely useful in the treatment of countless ailments.  TCM is a natural, drug-free approach that allows the body to find balance.  When your body is in balance, it can more effectively heal itself.  It is also a wonderful tool for the prevention of sickness, injury, and stress. I use a number of modalities under the Chinese Medicine umbrella to achieve the desired outcome. A healthy body is a balanced body.  


Very fine needles are placed in specific points on specific channels. Each point has a varying set of functions and the points are selected based upon the presenting symptoms of the patient.  For frequently asked questions about acupuncture, click here.  


Suction cups are placed on the skin over large muscle groups with the intention of drawing stagnation out of the tissues.  This practice helps to relieve pain and congestion.  For more information on cupping, click here.


Gua Sha is similar to cupping in that is draws stagnation out of tissues below the surface of the skin but involves a scraping tool.  Oil is applied the the skin to minimize chafing and the fibers are worked in one direction as a time.  This is a great method for knots, general tightness, and pain.  


Depending on the presenting symptoms, specific herbs or formulas are chosen to provide relief. These botanicals work naturally from the inside out to correct disharmonies and imbalances.  I recommend only the highest quality herbs from the highest quality companies with stringent processing policies.


Also called Tuina, I utilize this practice in combination with other modalities to promote relaxation and release tension.


Acupuncture is performed and then wires are connected to the handles of the needles.  The other end of the wires plug into an electric stimulation machine which is then turned on to an appropriate and comfortable level for the patient.  The sensation is similar to a TENS unit but the current is delivered below the surface of the skin into the targeted muscle or tissue thereby promoting blood flow and decreasing inflammation.  This modality is wonderful for pain management. 

Note: All acupuncture treatments may or may not include the use of any of the manual modalities listed above at no additional cost. Treatment protocol is decided by following intake and is based on diagnosis. All herbal formulas and other recommended supplements are additional cost.



Yoga is a wonderful way to move the body and promote blood flow and relaxation. It is extremely effective at helping the body to recover from injury and postural issues. Like Chinese Medicine, the preventative benefit of yoga is immeasurable.  Yoga lengthens and strengthens muscle and helps to restore mobility in the joints and connective tissue.  At the forefront of any yoga practice is the breath, helping to calm our busy minds and nervous systems so that your inner peace emerges.

I offer private, semi-private, and group yoga instruction. I teach Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative, Prenatal, and Cardio Yoga Fusion.  We will discuss your health, activity level, and intention and decide together on a style that is right for you. 


A class taught just for you in the privacy of your own home or alternate location.  $100-$175**


Perfect for small groups of friends, coworkers, or family.  This is a more cost-effective option with the feel of a private session. (2-5 students)  


This is for larger groups of students (6 or more).  Ideal for corporate settings or events.  Prices vary depending on group number and location.